Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Winter Lord's Castle?

Our first project in Advanced Digital Illustration was due this morning, and I'm happy to report my painting was well-recieved (from what I could tell, anyway).  

There were several genres and prompts to choose from for this project such as:

Underwater sea lab
Shipwreck in a jungle
and Winter Lord's castle

We had to choose a prompt and create an exterior. 

I really like how the glaciers and the rope turned out, but I'm still feeling kind of ify on the "castle." At first it was going to have those shell shapes but with like large crystals protruding out of the middle of the structure, but then I thought that'd be too many icy/crystal type shapes hiding the focal point, so I just sort of started making up the middle architecture. Now, when I look at it I just think it's REALLLY Art Deco....which could be a cool take on a Winter Lord, but the rest of the image seems really fantasy and dated than the modern-esque castle. Maybe if I make the boat at the bottom some kind of retro-yacht? 

Anyway, I think I'm also planing on fine-tuning those ice sheets on the water, and adding a misty fog effect along the bottom to make it feel more "wintery" as well as giving the castle some snowy rooftop collections.....maybe.

Before Photoshopery.


The after piece was actually my instructor's doing, he used it a one of the examples on how to just push your painting a little more to really make it pop just by using things like Levels and Color Layers in Photoshop.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Animations...

Here's my take on the typical ball bounce.

And this one is a "pendulum" with a "tail" acting as a secondary action.

Unfortunately, my higher quality videos wouldn't upload, so here are the crappy versions  instead.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Glimpse into the World of Painter

So, for my Advanced Digital Illustration class, we've been slaving over a hot tablet in order to practice the new medium of Corel Painter by painting....apples. Fascinating right? Not really. But I'll show you what I did anyway. :P

The first 8 were only allowed to be in one medium and the final two were mixed media. We also were not allowed to use ANY blenders! No!

And now for your the order I created them:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Digital Illustration Final

So here it finally is! I was hesitant to post this because of some copyrightness....*cough* but I really want to show it, because I really do love how it turned out. So please don't sue me if part of your image is the collage!

3D Red/Cyan version (WAY COOL!)

And now something special to listen to while viewing, which I've picked out to help with the mood of the piece (just for fun)!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New year, New art!

So, my blog has been essentially dead since the holidays, but only because I was enjoying myself too much to bother doing ANYTHING over the entire break. XD 

Anyway, I have three new classes to upload my art from this semester:

Traditional Animation
Traditional Illustration
Advanced Digital Illustration

I'm really excited about them all this semester, and to kick off my excitement, I'm posting my FIRST animation EVER. And I mean first.

Ta da! This was just a test the professor had us do to see where our skills are at...we could've done anything we wanted. If I'd had time, I would've loved to add more details to this dragon-esque form, but he's still pretty cute, I think!

Oh! Also, I'll be posting images of my final for Digital Illustration from last semester up soon, so pull out your 3D glasses and get ready!